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Orange Roast Chicken Preparation: 10 min. Cooking: 55 min. Total: 65 min.
Calories: 210 Cal Fat: 14 g
Carbs: 6.1 gProtein: 13 g
Fiber: 1 gSugar: 4.9 g
Cholesterol: 60 mgSodium: 570 mg

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Creatine, electrolytes, whey protein boost exercise performance, strength

Creatine and electrolytes for endurance -

Body builders have used creatine for muscle growth, but new research suggests an endurance benefit as well. In this study, 25 male recreational cyclists, aged 19 to 33, took a placebo or 4 grams of creatine monohydrate plus four electrolytes: 114 mg sodium chloride, 171 mg calcium chloride, 286 mg magnesium chloride, and 171 mg potassium chloride, per day. Before and after the six-week supplement period, the cyclists performed five short-duration sprints...