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Confused about vitamins?

Today's health conscious consumer is faced with an overwhelming abundance of information about nutrition, diet, and nutritional supplements coming from the various mass media outlets: television, radio, books, newspapers, magazines, and the internet. Different schools of thought in nutrition compete for your attention, often providing conflicting and contradictory advice. The confusion is compounded by the marketing hype used by some supplement companies to sell their products. Mega-chain stores carry the market top-selling products, but the store employees often lack the knowledge and experience to effectively answer customer questions and assist customers with making wise decisions on matters of personal health. What is a customer to do?

If you have questions, Valley Health Mill has answers. With degreed nutritionists on staff, we can answer all your nutrition-related questions. Out "vitamin experts" specialize in educating you so that you have the tools to improve and maintain your health. Drawing on over sixty years of combined training and experience, our staff provides the most knowledgeable customer service available in the local and regional vitamin retail market.

People like to shop at Valley Health Mill because we have an excellent staff, friendly and remarkably knowledgeable customer service, high standards, and an extensive selection of unique, high-quality supplements and body care products. We also carry hard-to-find natural foods such as raw milk from 100% grass-fed cows, California-raised 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, and the largest selection of gluten-free food products in Pleasanton.

We are a neighborhood health food store, owned by a Pleasanton family and a lifetime Pleasanton resident. Valley Health Mill has served the Pleasanton and Tri-Valley communities for over 25 years, with the mission of making our community health one person at a time.


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