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Tips For Buying Pears

Look for: Firm pears of all varieties. The color depends on variety. For Bartletts, look for a pale yellow to rich yellow color; Anjou or Comice--light green to yellowish-green; Bosc--greenish-yellow to brownish-yellow (the brown cast is caused by skin russeting, a characteristic of the Bosc pear); Winter Nellis--medium to light green. Pears that are hard when you find them in the food store will probably ripen if kept at room temperature, but it is wise to select pears that have already begun to soften to be reasonably sure that they will ripen satisfactorily. Avoid: Wilted or shriveled pears with dull-appearing skin and slight weakening of the flesh near the stem, which indicates immaturity. These pears will not ripen. Also avoid spots on the sides or blossom ends of the pear, which means that corky tissue may be underneath. Courtesy of Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, CO, 81009